Audio Interview

The play Misty Lake had its premiere in Winnipeg in July 1999 and has since had productions in Alberta, BC, and other parts of Manitoba. The play was written on the basis of interviews that Darrell Racine conducted with Elizabeth Samuel in 1997.

Here is an interview between Dale Lakevold and Darrell Racine that looks back to Darrell’s interview sessions with Elizabeth and the origins of the play, and to issues currently facing Indigenous people in Canada. The following interview took place in Brandon in May 2010.

Read a published version of the interview in the spring 2012 issue of the journal


Listen to the music from the Theatre Projects Manitoba production of Stretching Hide. Here composer and musician Jesse Hull can be heard in studio recordings of nine songs that he adapted for the October 2007 production.

In the production of Stretching Hide, Jesse Hull performed the music live on fiddle.

Track 1 Old Indian Reels  Traditional  Fiddle/Feet

Track 2 McDonald’s Reel  Traditional  Fiddle/Guitar

Track 3 Alfred’s Reel
Fiddle/Guitar (Act 1, Scene 5)

Track 4 Fur Shack Waltz
(Act 2, Scene 4) Fiddle/Accordion/Harmonica/Guitar

Track 5 Franky’s Lament
(Act 2, Scene 6) Fiddle/Accordion

Track 6 Marten’s Polka
Fiddle/Guitar (extra)

Track 7 Bull Moose/Money Musk
(A. DeJarlis/trad.) Fiddle/Guitar
(Act 2, Scene 1 and 3)

Track 8 Alfred’s Reel and Reconciliation
Fiddle/Guitar/Feet (outro)

Track 9 Witness
(Act One, Scene One) Fiddle/Accordion

All tracks written and arranged by Jesse Hull except where indicated (Track 2, 7 and 9)
Accordion: Melissa Collins
Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonica, Feet: Jesse Hull