Misty Lake is being published in a new edition in September 2023 by
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Stretching Hide is available by contacting Scirocco Drama. See the link below.

Scirocco Drama:

Misty Lake Teacher’s Resource Guide
The Misty Lake Teacher’s Guide was developed for secondary school teachers to use as a supplement with Misty Lake. The guide was written by Brandon educator and curriculum specialist Jacie Foy. It includes classroom activities, background material, and resource list. It is a 40-page, coil-bound publication in an 8 1/2 x 11 format.

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Misty Lake
Co-written by Dale Lakevold and Darrell Racine. Revised. With teacher’s manual and DVD. Loon Books. Vancouver, BC, and Barrows, MB. 2006.

Adler & Ringe Publishers. Lake Audy, MB. 2001.

In Voice of the Drum (anthology). Kingfisher Publications. Brandon, Manitoba. 2000.

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Stretching Hide
Scirocco Drama. Winnipeg. 2007. Theatre BC. Nanaimo, BC. 2005.

Ecclectica (no longer available on-line). Brandon University. Brandon, Manitoba. 2003.

Listen to the music composed for the production of Stretching Hide by going to Audio & Music on this website.


Scripts of Dale Lakevold’s plays can be ordered by contacting him at the following address:

Dale Lakevold
Box 686
Minnedosa, MB
R0J 1E0