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Root Sky Theatre Company Presents
Owl Calling

A Play by Darrell Racine & Dale Lakevold

The Play: Summer 2011. Winnipeg. Two best friends and brothers-in-law, Eddie and Jim, make the decision to deal with the effects of their residential school experience. They’re on a healing journey, but will they make it?

Owl Calling introduces audiences to a close knit, Indigenous family in suburban Winnipeg and their struggle to find reconciliation.

An emotional journey of heartache, laughter, romance and music.

Root Sky Theatre Company was formed in 1997 by Darrell Racine and Dale Lakevold to produce theatre and other arts projects with a cultural and political focus. The company is devoted primarily, but not exclusively, to producing work on Indigenous and Metis subjects.

Misty Lake cast
The original cast of Misty Lake, Root Sky’s first production: Marvin Smoker, Susan Olson, David Boulanger, and Tracey McCorrister. Photo: Derek Gunnlaugson.